2018 - 2019 Red Door Summer Camp Programs

Innovative Summer Camp Programs for ages 3-12

About Our Summer Programs

Red Door’s philosophy of inspiring our students in their learning and development will be promoted through various themes as well as talented instructors. We are very excited to have teachers, coaches, specialists, and community members come to Red Door and share their talents with our students. The diverse staff we have at Red Door has a passion for sharing their love of learning with students of all ages.

Red Door has become a pillar of our community, supporting our mission to inspire our students and teach them to discover and love all aspects of learning. All students will be grouped according to age.

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12 Exciting Da Vinci Summer Program Themes!

These active and engaging experiences awaken interest, promote fundamental skills, and inspire students to consider exciting STEM careers that meet growing industry demands.

Davinci Science Center providing STEAM activities for our students at Red Door.  Their specialized staff will be bringing Science to life, as our students create, discover and imagine through centered activities.

These active and engaging experiences awaken interest, promote fundamental skills, and inspire students to consider exciting STEM careers that meet growing industry demands. The Center also promotes creativity, artistry, and current-day applications of qualities of greatness embodied by Leonardo da Vinci and the innovators who have succeeded him.

“The Da Vinci Science Center (DSC) is a national award-winning nonprofit organization that has brought science to life and lives to science since 1992.The Center’s hands-on exhibits, programs, and partnership efforts present the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to kids informally, playfully, and in ways that relate to their popular interests. These active and engaging experiences awaken interest, promote fundamental skills, and inspire students to consider exciting STEM careers that meet growing industry demands. The Center also promotes creativity, artistry, and current-day applications of qualities of greatness embodied by Leonardo da Vinci and the innovators who have succeeded him.”

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I am currently in my 3rd year teaching in the Southern Lehigh School District. I am in my 2nd year teaching 4th grade math and science. Before teaching 4th grade, I taught 6th grade math, science and social studies for one year. Before I began my career at Southern Lehigh, I had a long term substitute position at Springhouse Middle School in the Parkland School District. While at Springhouse, I taught 7th grade science and helped out with the science fair and students that attended the PJAS Competition at Lehigh University. I have a BS in Middle Level Education from Bloomsburg University and hold certifications in 4-6 all subjects, 6-8 Math and Science, and 9-12 Math. I am currently working on my Masters Degree in Instructional Technology with a Certification as an Informational Technology Specialist.

Besides teaching, I have only worked in areas that revolved around teaching kids. I have been coaching at Southern Lehigh High School as an assistant baseball coach for 4 years. Before working at Southern Lehigh as a baseball coach, I was an instructor at Lehigh Valley Baseball Academy (LVBA) for 5 years. I worked with baseball players ages 6 – 18 as a head coach, assistant coach, and an instructor for lessons. During the summers, I worked in the Allentown Parks department for 3 years where I was a camp counselor for their Romper Day Program.

STEM at Red Door will come to life as Mr. Cooperman engages students in Science activities supporting all of the major domains of STEM. They will create, analyze, as well as discuss and experiment with designs.

Alexandra Lojewski is currently the Southern Lehigh Intermediate School General and Choral Music Teacher. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from West Chester University in Music Education concentrating on vocal music. She is also a Technology Education Graduate Student at Wilkes University. Alexandra enjoys teaching the basics of music to her students and also loves directing her choirs.

Her select choir travels around the Lehigh Valley performing in places such as the Lehigh Valley Phantoms and Dorney Park! In her spare time, she enjoys planning her upcoming wedding this July! Music at Red Door will get your child up and moving as well as teach them rhythm and song. Mrs. Lowjeski shares her love of music with everyone she meets! Your child will have an appreciation for the arts and music as well as learn how music can be brought into learning to make it fun

Sara Kimble and Irene Tyson have worked together for many years assisting children of all ages in both Reading and Math. Their focus is on the whole child and how children learn concepts and strategies in both Reading and Math. They will use the standards to promote higher level thinking as well as teach strategies to be successful in school! This week will be full of activities, projects and games to promote learning across the curriculum. This is a great week of camp to get ready for school to begin!

Summer Camp Program Themes

Campers will stir up a bucket of fun as they explore the science of art. Activities will include making color palettes by mixing the three primary colors, learning about prisms, and making kaleidoscopes to take home.

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Is it magic … or is it science? Campers will explore the science behind the tricks as they make balls float in the air, pull a tablecloth out from under dishes, and perform tricks with water – such as making it disappear and defying gravity without getting wet.

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Campers will become explorers of the different climate regions that are found around the earth and discover how animals have adapted to make a living in these unique environments.

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Campers will beat the heat with bubbles and boats as they explore water indoors and outdoors. Campers will create their own bubble formulas, try to float sinking ships, even touch some sea creatures.

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Campers become real-life wizard scientists as they prepare their wands and take classes from your favorite wizard school – including Herbology, Potions, Astronomy, and Care of Magical Creatures.

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New challenges await this year’s inventive campers! Each day, our camp counselors will deliver a new goal for the young inventors to achieve in a limited amount of time with the provided materials. We’ll put your problem-solving skills to the test during this week of collaboration and friendly competition.

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This session will be big fun as little kids explore the concept of “big” Activities. Campers will play big ball games; make big drawings, big bubbles, big horns, and big paper airplanes all while exploring some big science concepts.

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Campers will take a “journey” through the Milky Way Galaxy and complete a travel guide along the way. The explorers will discover what it is like to live in space and eat like an astronaut. Along the way, they will use their imaginations to create their own aliens from faraway planets, make candy comets, and discover why Pluto is no longer is considered a planet. This session is truly an out-of-this-world adventure.

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Your mission if you choose to accept it……learn the science behind spying! Campers will make their very own spy kit complete with spy glasses for seeing behind them. Use your spy skills on a special mission at the end of the week.

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This camp is going to be totally cool! Join us as we beat the summer heat and escape to a frozen wonderland. From ice cream to polar bears, campers will explore temperature, chemistry, animal science, and engineering with some of their favorite frozen friends.

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What are boogers made of? Why do people fart? Campers will discover answers to these and many more gross questions that they may have been too embarrassed to ask. Based upon the book series Grossology by Sylvia Branzei, the session feature hands-on science experiments to explore gross stuff regarding their bodies.

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Campers will design, engineer, and build structures from an assortment of materials. Then, as structures outlive their useful lives, it will be time for campers to bring in the demolition crew. Campers will put on their hardhats and utilize creative ways to bring these structures back down to ground level.


Schedules & Pricing

Full Day

9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Mon-Fri $300.00/week
Tues-Thurs $250.00/week

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9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Mon-Fri $200.00/week
Tues-Thurs $150.00/week

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After School Camp

3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

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All tuition for camp must be paid by check only.
Tuition payment and all paperwork is due by June 1st to reserve your spot in the camp. Please make payment to Red Door ELC.

Field trips scheduled will be for school age children only. There must be a minimum of 8 students for the week for a field trip to be scheduled. All field trips will be scheduled for Friday mornings at an additional cost.

Current Red Door students:
If you are a current Red Door student you do NOT need to fill out the paperwork for Summer Programs.

New Red Door Students:
All new students to Red Door must print and fill out all forms on the website under Summer Programs.

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