Our Philosophy

Nurturing the Whole Child

Through literature and play, thematic projects and investigations, we mindfully engage students using developmentally appropriate programs. Because we see each child as an individual, we set challenging goals for each to achieve along the unique path s/he is on. We rely on our philosophy to help us bridge the terrain between where children are once entering our doors and the great heights to which Red Door can take them.

Our philosophy integrates the following three major domains: the intellectual, the social-emotional, and the physical. Red Door programs are structured so that the students will experience growth and development in each area throughout their time with us by establishing strong relationships with their teachers while interacting with their environment in authentic ways.

Not only do we want students to learn meaningful information and facts about the world we live in and to be fully ready for their education beyond our doors, but we want them to emerge as critical thinkers.

Through work on projects, studies, and explorations, students look closely and deeply investigate subjects of interest. Using a STEAM [science, technology, engineering, art, and math] influenced approach allows students to take educational risks and make connections between the different disciplines and within their own lives.

By finding just the right mix of child-directed and teacher-directed experiences, the students strengthen their analytical and problem solving skills within multisensory activities. Language and literacy activities are integrated throughout each area of study to promote a love of writing and reading that will last a lifetime.

Social-emotional growth is especially significant in early childhood so that students become well-adjusted and successful members of society throughout their lives. Positive self-concept and emotional self-regulation, respect for individuals and the rights of others, and resilience are areas of growth upon which we place great emphasis at Red Door.

By focusing on Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg’s “7 Crucial C’s” of competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control, we ensure students have a strong foundation upon which to build a mindset in which one sees challenges as opportunities.
Throughout the day, students are provided frequent opportunities to interact with peers through play, collaboration, and creative expression, so that they may hone their communication skills to confidently convey their ideas and advocate for themselves.
Conflict resolution skills are modeled and practiced so that students learn how to work through issues positively and feel a sense of empowerment.

Red Door students become a community of learners through reciprocal relationships with their classmates and teachers, strengthened by the inclusive sense of group identity. Families are also an integral part of the Red Door “magic,” crafted through daily conversations, volunteer opportunities, and various gatherings held throughout the year.

Although there is a typical progression of capabilities in the gross motor and fine motor realms, physical development needs to be nurtured just like intellectual and social-emotional growth. At Red Door, activities are planned to ensure children gain the basic skills they need for proper health benefits as well as for strengthening balance, agility, and coordination. Throughout the week, students will be provided with ample time, equipment, and space to practice gross motor and fine motor skills.

Our outdoor natural play space offers students a variety of ways to practice an expansive range of gross motor movements. Here they work on spatial and relational awareness; locomotor skills such as climbing, skipping, running, and leaping; as well as stability and balance.

Inside the classroom, students work with a multitude of manipulatives to practice fine motor skills so that they become proficient in self-help skills, writing readiness, and overall independence. Our frequent use of our “outdoor classroom” gives students many chances to move around while they work, use a wider range of volumes, and see things from a different perspective.

" Red Door has established itself as the pillar of education for our preschool children "

Red Door has become the safest place outside of my home for my children. I feel like it's a home away from home. Every year Red Door continues to offer a stronger, better program for our children. The staff is priceless!! I really believe Red Door has established itself within the community as the pillar of education for our preschool children. I am lucky to have had 3 of my 4 children spend their early years within the Red Door program.

Activities, experiences and teacher-child interactions are constantly being measured and evaluated in terms of the following program goals:

  • Through various service projects, we model for our students the joy of giving back to one’s community
  • Development of a positive self-concept
  • Respect for the individuality and rights of others
  • Positive ways of interacting with peers and adults
  • Acceptance and expression of both positive and negative feelings
  • Growth of independence and self-sufficiency
  • Growth of creative thinking and problem solving
  • Cognitive growth and development
  • Emergent literacy development
  • Small and large muscle development