Red Door Inspires

Red Door is a combination of curious kids, supportive parents, engaging programs, a loving atmosphere and a teaching team beyond compare!

Red Door emotes a feeling – an overwhelming feeling when walking our halls that the learning experiences our students receive is, quite literally, magical.

Children are smiling, cooperating, learning and interacting with peers and teachers. The level of professionalism, experience, commitment and love that our staff brings to Red Door is exceptional. They spark curiosity in our students day in and day out. Our amazing staff combined with curious kids generates excitement on a daily basis!

" Red Door has established itself as the pillar of education for our preschool children "

Red Door has become the safest place outside of my home for my children. I feel like it's a home away from home. Every year Red Door continues to offer a stronger, better program for our children. The staff is priceless!! I really believe Red Door has established itself within the community as the pillar of education for our preschool children. I am lucky to have had 3 of my 4 children spend their early years within the Red Door program.

How does Red Door inspire?

Red Door inspires by:

  • Diligently working to instill a love of learning in our students.
  • Understanding – and taking very seriously – the fact that we are role models and important significant adults in these young lives.
  • Couching academics and structure within play.
  • Building relationships with the entire family through school-sponsored events like our Thanksgiving Feast, Winterfest Celebration, Comedy Night, Spring Hat Parade, Art Show, Spirit Day and Closing Ceremonies.
  • Implementing unique programs insuring that our students are prepared for the next level of education.
  • Working to build confidence in our students.
  • Welcoming everyone with an open heart.Making every child feel as if he/she is the teachers’ favorite
  • Creating a fun and loving environment where children feel safe, secure and affiliated with a strong peer group.
  • Giving students ample opportunities to express themselves.
  • Relating to our students, families and each other in an authentic manner.
  • Being dedicated to inclusivity.
  • Building enduring relationships, connections, and bonds with students and their families during the time they are at Red Door, and as well as after they move on.