Announcement of Capital Campaign

Red Door Early Learning Center is excited to announce the launch of “Investing in Young Minds”


A Campaign for Red Door Early Learning Center

Red Door has been a staple of our community for over 50 years, and in 2016 two of Red Door’s families, The Fistners and the Perrottas pledged their support for a new school facility. Red Door Early Learning Center is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501C3 non-profit organization. Your gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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A Campaign for Red Door Early Learning Center

We are honored to celebrate two such families who are deeply committed to the future of Red Door Early Learning Center. The Fistner and Perrotta families entrusted the teachers of Red Door with their children’s first introduction to education. What they found was so much more than a pre-school.

Red Door teachers became an extension of their family and the school became a second home.  They witnessed their children flourish and develop a deep love of learning, and for that, they will be forever grateful to those who inspired their children.

In the summer of 2016, the Fistner and Perrotta families were presented with a challenge.  Red Door Early Learning Center could no longer remain in Hellertown and was in need of a new location for the 2017 school year, or it would cease to exist.  There was no time for a traditional capital campaign, so both families committed to funding a full renovation of the building at 4777 Saucon Creek. The creation of a non-profit Early Childhood Private Preschool implementing a state-of-the-art, STEAM-influenced program designed to engage young minds and create a life-long love of learning was reborn.  In only 9 short months Red Door was ready to accept its first camp of students at the new location.

It was clear from the very early stages that this project was turning into much more than just a new facility.  The Fistner and Perrotta families recognized that they had the unbelievable opportunity to design a space around how children play and learn. Inspiration is found in every corner and the space invites children to be curious, to touch, to investigate, to explore, to have moments of quiet and moments of wonder.  Equally important is the fact that the space matched the caliber of the teaching staff. The space allows our highly qualified teachers to teach in a multitude of environments. The classrooms are imaginative spaces full of opportunities to explore. The flex space is perfect for getting little bodies moving. The creations that are produced in the science and art lab are incredible, and the nature playground is a multifaceted outdoor learning space that functions as an extension of the classroom for the teachers as well as a space where children can explore, take risks, and use their imaginations.

Red Door is like no other place when it comes to early childhood education.  The teaching staff recognizes that every child’s journey is different and they focus on educating the whole child.  They are passionate about developing each child at their own pace. The result is an environment where every child succeeds, regardless of their abilities. The STEAM-based curriculum offers a unique blend of imagination and discovery. This curriculum stimulates new ideas and critical thinking that the students take part in and bring to fruition.

The addition of Sara Kimble as Executive Director ensured a future for Red Door where the teaching staff was given the facility and the stability that it deserved, and where families in the community could count on Red Door for generations to come.

Our Capital Campaign Goal

The school is looking to raise $1.5 million over the next 5 years.
The wonderful news, is that to date, Red Door has raised over $500,000!

Please be a part of the legacy of Red Door Supporters!


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Naming Opportunities

Founder’s Level
✓ Building $400,000
-John and Trisha Fistner and Joe and Sarah Perrotta

Benefactor Level
-Paul and Kym Farr

Auditorium/Flex Space $100,000
Natural Playground $100,000

Chairman Level
Parking Lot Expansion $75,000
Oak Classroom $50,000
Walnut Classroom $50,000
Poplar Classroom $50,000
Hickory Science/Art Classroom $50,000
Maple Classroom $50,000
Birch Classroom $50,000
Pine Classroom $50,000
Hemlock Classroom $50,000

Patron Level
Administrative Office $30,000
Teacher Work Area $30,000
Kitchen $25,000
Natural Playground Extension $25,000
Raised Bed Gardening Area $25,000

Legacy Level
Security Enhancements $10,000
Outdoor Classroom Area $20,000
Hammock/Relaxation Area $10,000
Sand Play Area $10,000
Outdoor Music Area $10,000
Climbing/Sliding Hills $10,000
Outdoor Toy Storage Area $10,000

Friends Level
-The Spillane Family

Classroom Manipulatives $5,000
Smartboards $5,000/class
iPads $5,000/class
Art and Science Supplies $5,000
Kids in Kitchen Supplies $5,000
Sensory Toys $5,000
Multi-purpose Recreational Area $7,500
Greenhouse $7,500
Raised Gardening Beds $5,000

Associate Level
-Mike and Daniele Fistner
-Linda and Denny Gold
-Anthony and Megan Ochotorena
-Greg and Cyndy Ortwein

Picnic Tables $4,000/each
Trees $3,000/each
Benches $2,000/each
Storage Cubbies $1,000/each